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I was speaking with a friend over the weekend, and she told me she was gonna come over for a wedding of a friends brother and i know this  her ‘friend’, he has been her friend for close to two years, they both like themselves and act like a couple from my observation as I am a chief observation officer(coo).

They are talking to each other all the time, sending photos of what they are eating, laughing at their phones, even co-signing thing, yeah you read right, Co-signing. Now, he has invited her from Warri to Lagos as a plus one, (the boy sef cannot just fear small) which she was going to attend and it hit me, this boy has gotten so comfortable with her because he is getting relationship deals in a friendship, he is not ready to complicate things with a relationship because what they have right here is a relationship without the complications and responsibilities of a relationship, therefore there is no work to be done.   A relationship may be his dessert now (he is not in a hurry) but it is my friend’s main meal!( she really wants to settle down) But since he is getting the pecks of relationship for free, he would take his time.

Let’s not get it wrong, if both of them are on the friendship page then it is fine,  This actually started with him asking her out and she probably tried to build a friendship before the relationship and  the friendship became too sweet and the bobo  did a back – slide and stayed in the friendship zone.

You guys know I am not one to say you should form hard to get for anyone but please don’t give all to anyone you are not sure of. You cannot give any friendship the  benefits of a boyfriend

Be firm: Speak to this person straight up, don’t assume he knows or are you scared you may not be able to handle the truth? You need to know where both of you stand.

Don’t allow anyone waste your time: When they say you cannot buy a cow if you keep milking it for free, people think it is only when he sees your pant or your boos, that is when he is milking. There are other ways to milking take place ,

Time milking,

Affection milking

Social milking

Financial milking

Emotional Milking

How are you being milked today?

Create scarcity: Don’t be his present help in time of need, you are not God that before he calls you answer

Be firm