A maid accused of strangling a baby committed the crime as she thought it was the only way she would be able to go to her mother’s funeral, Dubai Police said on Tuesday.

The Nepali woman was arrested earlier this week after the 11-month-old girl was found dead at her employer’s home in Al Nahda.

Police claim the maid had been refused leave to go to the funeral as there would be no one to look after the child if the maid wasn’t there. So the woman allegedly hatched a plan to murder the infant, then pretend the girl had died of natural causes.

General Khamis Mattar Al Muzaina, head of Dubai Police, said cops received a call on Saturday from a hospital about the baby’s death. The child’s father told police the housemaid had called his wife about 6pm claiming their daughter was having breathing problems.
“The wife asked her sister to check on the baby. The sister found the baby wasn’t breathing, so she and the housemaid took her to hospital, but the doctor said she had been dead for some time,” Al Muzaina said. Doctors called the police as there were signs the infant had been strangled. Al Muzaina said: “We suspected the maid, who denied it at first, but then confessed she used a scarf then her hands to strangle the baby.”
He said the maid told police she had asked the baby’s father to allow her to go to Nepal for her mother’s funeral, but the man refused. “She thought the girl was the only thing stopping her returning home and decided to kill her,” Al Muzaina said.
The maid, in her twenties, has been referred to public prosecution charged with murder.


Death sentence upheld in infant beating case
A housemaid who was convicted of killing her employer’s baby in Abu Dhabi has lost an appeal against her death sentence. Abu Dhabi Appeal Court on Tuesday upheld an earlier ruling issued by the criminal court, which sentenced the Indonesian maid to death after she was found guilty of hitting the four-month-old girl’s head against the wall, which caused her death.
The judge handed down the sentence after the baby’s parents insisted on the woman’s execution and rejected requests for leniency in return for blood money. Prosecutors said the woman attacked the child, called Malak, which means Angel, at the Abu Dhabi home in February 2013.
The maid denied attacking the baby when questioned in court. But prosecutors insisted Malak, who has a Saudi father and an Emirati mother, was assaulted by the maid, with the attack captured on CCTV. Prosecutors said the maid resented a Filipina colleague who cared for Malak and her brother while she had to clean and care for a sick grandmother.

May God help us.