With all due respect, I beg to ask who are we making the fathers and mothers of our kids? Nowadays I see a lot of hasty decision made on the premise of lack of control, sex and alcohol and the result is a baby, then a marriage follows immediately like that would fix everything but sadly most times  when you look  at the people getting married , you feel very sad because right there in their eyes you know this was not the plan, they are almost not aware of what they are going into, to them it is another drama or “acting play” as we called it as children… They are not mature to handle the pressure, the responsibilties that comes with marriage, sometimes they go into the marriage due to societal pressure ( what will people say?), the parents thinking it was the best thing for them to do based on the unborn baby, so the decision is not based on certainty but the Ego of the parents, the sexual decisions of this young adults and the need to quickly cover up what has happened. As I write this , I  am looking at this two young kids again getting married on same premise. I heard the guy said some days ago, “they said since she is pregnant, I have to marry her, I am not ready o”. You can see the uncertainty in their eyes, amidst the smiles on their faces, you can see the pride and satisfaction as the parents walk in strides to the high table as if  trying to say “afterall no one would say my daughter did not marry her baby daddy or my son did not do the right thing” and you can see the jolly friends and well wishers of the bride and groom bubbling, adorned in the latest fashion , afterall it is another party, another aso-ebi, another place where they might  just meet the next single guy/girl that hopefully someday would marry them, some of them silently wishing its their day and some comparing a previous wedding to this but no one thinking who on earth is she getting married to, who would be the role model to this unborn child?. Please you owe your unborn kids the best role model, you owe that child a good mum or great dad, how do we bring the child up right, if we are not done being children ourselves? I applaud you for keeping the baby, it is the right thing to do but please don’t marry your baby daddy to ‘save face’ or based on what people will say, marry because you are sure and when you wake up to this decision every morning , you won’t regret and if you kids turn out to be just like their parents , you would be proud.