Based on last week post about men, I got some replies and this is one of them…

Dear Men,

It’s important that you love our best friends. We take that personal!

We spend hours getting all dolled up for you, lashes, nails, hair, make up takes hours… a little appreciation never hurt anyone.

Most of us don’t get your passion for football, why you take it so personal like you know the players or you are getting paid or worse… why it comes before us sometimes. Don’t expect us to ever understand or accept that.

We desire attention so hanging with the boys and watching the game comes in second place. P.s your PS4 is just a game, it’s never that serious.

We love to shop. Please understand and respect that.

We would really appreciate if you know the difference between a maxi and a midi dress, and which one is better for that particular outing. All shoes are not the same don’t ever suggest that. We have different pairs because they serve different purposes.

We need time to dress and look pretty; yelling or nagging won’t make us go any faster. Its important you understand and accept this.

When you ask for space or don’t give us enough attention/time, or don’t call or send sms like you used to, we are most likely to think you have another girl.

We take time to plan our fights and arguments, please respect that and let us explain, nag or argue how we planned.

When we ask if we are fat, or if you like a certain kind of girl, if you like our new hair do or if we are the prettiest. For your sake take your time to think and answer carefully.

We are not your slaves so don’t ever suggest that even as a joke. We should cook and clean when we want. Our time is the best time (doesn’t apply to the married couples…loll)

When we make a big deal about something, it should be a big deal to you too…whether or not you get it or see reason. Play along

We love our hair, don’t ever suggest our hair do except we ask for your opinion.

We love surprises. Please pay attention to the things we really like so you can surprise us accordingly or better still ask our best friends (you see why you should be friends with our best friend)

We don’t have to eat in all the time or cook all the time, take us out to lunch or dinner sometimes…we don’t forbid that.

We don’t like being stringed along. If you are not sure of what you want be really clear about that.

Please don’t make promises you can’t keep

By Weyinmi Eyetsemitan

Ladies do you agree and guys what do you think?