t is true that when you see a pregnant lady be careful what you say, because we are very hormonal and sometimes you may not mean it the way I will interpret it but guess what? if you just say You look good, I can never misinterpret that. I know most times you may be surprised how big we have become, or that we are pregnant again while still carrying a baby and you just want to say something, just say something very positive,hug us or say nothing because anything you say can be used against you lool. Well I saw this picture(above) on @Adanna_david Instagram page, things not to say to a pregnant woman and thought I should share,  however, just to balance it up, I had to add things to say to a pregnant woman,just incase you don’t know. 10 things to say to a pregnant woman (1) If you think of some more, please add by  dropping a comment below. Have you ever been told any of these things while pregnant? PictureCredit:Natalhypotherapy.co.uk