I have come to realise that as you get involved in a relationship, from the moment you say yes I will date you there are some high expectations from you as a boyfriend or as a girlfriend…as for the guy, he is to protect her, take care of her, give as much as he can and almost just be there for her, basically her support system and the girl’s duty amongst others is to take care of the guy, be there for him and also be his support system and that is not all, you will be surprised when you hear what people expect from their boyfriends or girlfriends, as you and the guy starts dating then all of a sudden he becomes your father; he will send you monthly money, inshort he is your bank, stressing the boy and making various demands from him that you may not dare ask your dad and the girl also becomes your mother; cook, cleaner, dry-cleaner and still warms your bed…what amazes me in all this, is that some guys get mad when their girlfriend don’t do ‘her duties’ and some girl wonder why their boyfriend won’t pay for everything they touch.

Question please! Is he your bank? Is he your father and to guys, if you want her to cook, clean and do all your domestic chores, marry her now or you might as well send her upkeep money and take up all her responsibilities.

I remember one guy I dated was so pissed because I said I will not cook for him… The truth is these may come naturally to some guys to assume the fatherly/husband role in a relationship and some ladies to assume the motherly/wife role in a relationship but my candid advice is if he or she has to do it, let them do it because they want to do it not you making demands… well that’s just my opinion

What do you think a girl’s duty or guy’s duty is in a relationship?