If you know me very well then you will know that when it comes to E- news, my Favourite anchor is Giuliana Rancic… Oh lawd! That girl  is so real and she gets me! Then when it comes to her husband, simply put, amazeballs! She is definitely one of the people I would love to meet, I don’t know what we will discuss yet but I know we will be friends. I have cried with her, laughed with her, prayed for her, nod in affirmation to what she said, and why do I feel like I am MrPossible’s, Giuliana and he is my Rancic… Hahaha She has left E! and what better time to leave than now, right? I remember when she had issues because of something she said, then it was the talk of the town, MrPossible called me to say, “did you hear what your friend did?” I was so hurt…I knew it was a mistake. Talk about me taking her personal..lool .
Kelly Osborne whom I thought was her friend made some negative comments on Twitter and I thought, “what happened to having your friend’s back” you know? This episode brought fashion police to a screeching halt, but you know God now, may we all live to see the reward of the wicked o… Loll, by the time Kelly Osborne did hers, it was all over the world and I am Like “dear Carma, you are mean!
I was so curious to see what Giuliana would say…
and she did not celebrate it as some of us would have done, she made little or no comment. That made me think, if it were me what would I do? If a friend throws me under the bus for a mistake I made and she makes the same mistake later, what will I do? Hmmmm…I probably would have dropped hints, just incase she has forgotten what she did to me. Giuliana  on the other hand decided to say nothing when a thousand words would have sufficed. That made my love and respect for her get to another level.  If it were you, what would you have done in this situation? I have learnt so much from her, how to smile in the storm, #GiulianaRancic #E! Click To Tweet how to hope even when things seem hopeless and how to be sincere but what I learnt this time is refusing to say something negative about someone, when everyone will understand if you do,that’s maturity!!! I hope you have enjoyed this post? Don’t forget to like, comment and share. What would you do if it were you?