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Who best to ask what a guy wants than a guy? Here are his thoughts…Guys let us know if you agree and girls let us know what you think.

Let’s giggle over some random, light hearted thoughts from an average guy.
These are just cute examples I will like to leave you with. Some might actually be more serious that I intend. You be the judge of that.
  • Don’t cut your hair to the point where you look like our buddies. Don’t….like ever
  • If you sincerely feel you are fat, don’t ask us what we think….because we probably think you are fatter than you think.
  • Don’t ask a question that obviously has an unpleasant answer to it, and expect us to lie to you. We are not as good with deceiving people we love compared to you women.
  • We know it’s hard for you women to believe, because you all multi-task and bother your minds with issues every second of the day (even in your sleep). But there are actually times when we men just sit down, stare blankly and not think of anything. And at the same time, we might be crushing over you or in a relationship with you. But we are not always thinking about you. Sometimes, dinner knocks you into second place on our minds.
  • We rarely think your nails are cute. Painted or not, we just like the way your fingers feel when we cuddle.
  • Shopping for hours at a mall is not like football, basketball or watching Iron Man 3 for us. Don’t even try to draw that comparison…..we will never get it.
  • We really don’t know the difference between the six “above-knee” evening dresses you just tried on….we think dinner at the Italian restaurant will taste the same if you are in a blue or red dress.
  • We are more than convinced you have enough to choose from. I mean you have 26 pairs of shoes compared to our 3, how hard could Eeny, meeny, minny, moe be?
  • We look sober, but we honestly (from the bottom of our hearts…like really) don’t understand why you haven’t stopped crying over something that happened yesterday, or that your friend just got proposed to, or that your favorite contestant on “The Voice” or “Big Brother” has been eliminated or even won the grand price.
  • This is actually not a joke. Please Say what’s on your mind. Don’t lead with a 45 minute narrative about something related. Don’t drop hints. Don’t leave strong implications…..just say it; plain and simple.
  • Your best friend doesn’t have to like me.
  • Either one of us can push the table slightly to the left of the living room.
  • Categorize your rules into groups so we can recall them easily.
  • Don’t bring up what happened a year ago and how it’s “de javu” with today….we very likely don’t remember that argument.
  • If you won’t walk around the house in bum shorts, or something distracting, don’t ask us why we are so focused on the game on TV like we are getting paid.
  • We men say things with a thick skin. If you interpret something we said in two ways, and one of your interpretations makes you angry or sad…then we meant the other one.
  • Don’t strike the match if you don’t want the fire to come on right here and now.
  • I am not sure why, but I can tell you that we just don’t like being told directions by you…just the way our testicles shrink every time you drive and we sit next to you.
  • The relationship is going good. We are not seeing someone else secretly; we are just not ready to move onto the next level.
  • We wake up with erections every morning. It is a normal physiological reaction overnight, and has nothing to do with your sister’s cleavage at dinner the night before.

Is he right guys and ladies what do you think?

By Emmanuel Eluemelem Uwabor