I see a lot of happy ladies especially in my circle of friends with amazing men in their lives and I know you see it too. That girl that can’t just stop gushing about her hubby and even though a part of you just want to hate her, you cannot help but admire what she shares with her partner as it oozes out to you and everyone who sees it. You silently wish that you get a good man, that will spoil you and hopefully you gush about him too but looking at your track record, it seems far fetched because Nnamdi seemed great but you later found out he had a very fast hand and mouth to go with it. Musa did not think having two or three girlfriends meant anything as long as he meets your needs and your present man has the key to every club in Lagos, He won’t even take you there with excuses that he is having “time with the boys”. I have had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people and one of the biggest message I get is that as ladies we sell ourselves short. We don’t want to dream big for fear that it may not happen. We reduce our believe capacity and just feel every other person flaunting a better life is a liar.worth2   Our circle of influence is terrible almost like a group of blind people trying to prove that each of them sees the way better.
  • We bend over till we are hunched and cannot stand upright.
  • We quickly accept what is given refusing to believe we can get better.
  • We lie to ourselves.
  • We act age inappropriate. May I just say there are some things you do in your early 20s that are cool and cute but when you get older it becomes appalling. We keep singing forever young or saying “yolo” deceiving ourselves.
  • We set our values so low.
  • We don’t even want to have a believe system, like believing in something bigger than ourselves…God. The goal is just marriage..
It’s time for this to stop guys! How long do we keep bending over? He lies a little… He gets drunk only on weekends… It only when I really piss him off, he slaps me… I caught him cheating twice but now guilt will not make him do it again… He watches porn because I don’t give him any action… O please! Take a good look at yourself girl, look at the mirror and tell yourself what you would like to get, what you think you deserve and compare with what you are getting? It could be you with that great guy, an amazing hubby that will make you shed tears of joy. Trust me, it’s not only in movies this happens! It could be you who marries that guy that makes you feel “how did I get so lucky?” The guy that makes you know that “I love you” does not totally express how you feel about your partner. Take a good look at yourself ladies and know your worth!