There is no election on valentine’s day again, yay! But I don’t like the new date anyway… Last Valentine, I  gave out ideas on what to do for your spouse, if you missed it, click here . This time around, few days to go, I haven’t totally figured out what I would do for Mrpossible, as you know we loooove surprises but before we shock ourselves, I had to tell my boo, what my plans are centred on and funny enough he had almost same plans, we had to spill a little, just a little…so since the ‘valentine clash’, I have been out of ideas but well I started something today… Everyday I wake up early to help Mrpossible with food or something before he goes to work and today in the midst of helping, I snuck a note into his bag which I just told him about right now. (more on that after valentine before Mrpossible sees it). Meanwhile I am looking for freebies everywhere, loll. This Valentine I have to win something free  to show the universe is fair, giveaways everywhere! I cannot count competitions I have participated in from MTN 10million Naira giveaway, who wants to be a millionaire( valentine edition), to free hotel stay for you and spouse, I almost entered the cupid contest sefChai! How desperate I am to win something free…loll! If you have any free competition to throw my way, I won’t mind…( A girl has to do what she gotto do mehn!) Back to the matter, I hope we all know valentine is not just for us and our partners, we can spread the love, care and joy to others as we all need that special kind of love. Show love to someone this valentine. What is your plan?