Have you ever experienced an unprofessional character in a professional environment? I have! A lot of times and please if you have share. I remember a time, when my kid sister came to spend sometime with MrPossible and I and she got sick. It was so bad that she was crying because of the pain she was in. We rushed her to the hospital and while she was still in pain, before they were about to give her injection, this was the conversation.
Hospital 1 ( Location: Lagos) Nurse: Why are you shouting like this, don’t you know you are a lady? My sister: I am in so much pain, you don’t understand! Nurse: You are a lady, bear the pain, it is not that bad. Mr possible: Sorry don’t you know how to talk to your patient? Me: You definitely don’t know how to talk, Can we see the doctor already?
Hospital 2 ( Location: Lagos) I went for a Xray and left MrPossible and BabyJ in the waiting room
X-ray guy: Go pull your clothes off (hands me what to wear). Me: (Done and ready) should I pull my ring as well. Xray guy: No not necessary Me: (snap snap snap… Xray over) Thank you (I dress up and make exit through the door) Xray guy (runs after me): excuse me, excuse me! me: (turns back…thinking I left something) Hi. Xray guy: (now stretching his phone towards me) Please I don’t usually do this, but can you please give me your number so we can get to know each other? Me: (with a polite smile) sorry, I am married. (Thinking to myself) ..When did you decide you would love to get to know me, while you were taking shots of my X-ray or what? Even if I was single, I would pass…lol
 Hospital 3 ( Location: Lagos) In vital signs room, a male nurse talking to me while he carried out my check up (must they make small talk?).
Nurse (in Igbo accent) Did you just have a baby? Me: Yes Nurse: That means  you are not ready for anyone soon because since it was CS you have to be careful not to get pregnant. Me: ok (wondering how my cycle affects him) Nurse: But that is not a problem, if you ever miss your period, just drink lime and lemon( he said some other things I cannot remember) and viam! The baby would go away, No need for abortion, just drink it!  In nursing school, we did it very well for people that got pregnant, it always works, no side-effect and it is just the foetus that will flush out Me: (irritated now and done with the vital signs) Thanks… goodbye.
Hospital  4 (Location: England) Compulsory pap smear test ( test for cervical cancer) Lady walks into the  hospital, meets the nurse and soon she was in the room ready for the procedure, not so sure how it was gonna be or if she would feel pain and this was the conversation.
Nurse: So I would put this up into your vagina, you may feel a little pain but it will be so fast. Lady: (now scared): okay (she opens up her legs and the nurse tries to insert a penis like looking instrument then the lady cringed and let out a little) hmmm… what is this? Nurse:  This? It doesn’t even look like the real thing. It will not hurt you. Is this the first time something in going in there? haven’t you been with someone? Lady: No I haven’t (Nurse tries again and lady still scared, tightens her leg maybe out of impulse. Nurse now very disgusted.) Nurse: I cannot continue with this procedure. Come back in one month, you probably would have met someone or a partner then come back for a test. Lady left feeling confused and insulted.
Have you experienced  any hospital misbehaviour?…Share your story.