Whenever you see a successful marriage, you know and the first question that comes to mind is ‘how did this person do it?’ and because you also want a successful marriage, you wish you can ask them the question, and if you can quickly ask them, you will be lucky if they give you a detailed formula on how marriage should work because most times they say God and you may be like “of course, I know it is God but what are the other things you guys did? Right? Okay let me explain somethings to you, everything they did to make their marriage work, wouldn’t have been easy without God, God is the centre of every marriage, once he is out of it, then you are in for a roller coaster ride.

Here are some other tips

  1. You are different: First of all when you get married know you guys are two different individuals, though you may have the same opinion on a lot of stuff….you are different! So expect some little difference here and there, this will include the way you were brought up and the way he was brought up, the way you guys resolve issues and lots more
  2. Timing: The act of timing is so important when it comes to marriage, infact, it is the most important piece kinda…you have to know when to do what… for example, he annoys you and you are so pissed, he is also pissed, that is not the time to prove your point…but if you are someone who says it as you feel it, then you will need God to help you to just shut up and say it later when he is calm because no matter how right you think you are, the problem will only just escalate if you bring it when both of you are hot!
  3. Know that marriage is not about winners: You are not in competition with yourselves. You are a team not an individual,It is not a competition on who is winning and who is losing: It two people that are willing to learn from their mistakes and make it work.
  4. Prepaid forgiveness: In marriage forgiveness is a lifestyle, Kai! you just have to have it in you, you will hurt him and he definitely will hurt you, but prepare your mind to Forgive, if not the environment will be uneasy for both of you and just have it at the back of your mind that whatever your partner does may not be intended to hurt you.
  5. Communicate your feelings: Alway, always always communicate your feelings this cannot be overemphasized ,communication as I said in previous post is the bedrock of a successful relationship, communicate your feelings before you will be moody and your spouse will have no idea what is wrong with you. Communicate everything, your spouse is not a  mind reader, don’t assume they know, communicate it!
  6. Know your spouse likes and dislikes and try not to do their dislikes, even if you just want to hurt them small…loll
  7. Tell them the truth always but remember point number one.
  8. You are two imperfect people,accept your imperfections: So when your partner disappoints you, it is fine to get upset but remember you are both imperfect, don’t hold on to it..
  9. Have fun, surprise each other, relieve old times and many more.
These are some tips I know, do you have more to share?