Baby J is in the almighty primary 1 or according to her ‘the big school’ so dropping her in a different school from her sister is a lot of work and the “big school” comes with ‘big’ traffic.

I was in traffic the other on my way to her school but was stopped by the traffic light, a few minutes later the cars in front of me started moving and I just joined in, not knowing that the traffic light was still on red and green for the other lane. Immediately, a lot of people started honking at me and as a stubborn driver, I was trying to prove a point thinking I had the right of way, until I realised I was wrong. I know you can imagine my shame and how I profusely apologised ( I have got to be patient sha). I did not know the cars in front of me were trying to beat the traffic light, instead of me to look at the traffic light, I was looking at the cars. This got me thinking…

So many times we stop following our source of direction and focus on the people right in front of us, we follow them, till we get into trouble. We might follow them because we feel the fact they are moving, they are going the right way. Sometimes we even make people our benchmark of greatness because they look put together, their dreams look like ours, their family structure is just it and they sound very well like they know what they are doing so we follow hook, line and sinker.

Your traffic light can be anything that sets you in the right direction, your source; God, purpose, goals, dreams, don’t forget what your drive is, follow the that, not the cars(people).

Obehi Agbonifo