This was supposed to be a story for Obee’s Sunday inspiration but I am posting it today because someone may just need this before Sunday….Have an amazing day guys.

Never let a good scar go to waste…


I hear people all the time, discuss their past, mourn it and even cry about it. Some of them ask God why it had to be them, some after years of the hurt, they still share it and you can see the pain in their eyes….We have past hurts, pains, grieve and sometimes we say ‘God why me?’ Let me tell you what, God trust us enough to be able to handle the hurt, that is why he allowed it happen.

A lot of us have been hurt in so many ways, some we can share , some we still can’t share even though it happened ages ago, we still can’t wrap out heads around it, “why did it have to be me” why is my life so complicated ? Why are all this things happening to me in quick succession? The questions are endless and I cannot say I totally have the answers but one thing I have learnt and still learning to do when I go through my storm is to ask God ” what are you trying to teach me through this and most times, I don’t hear a loud voice telling me “my daughter…”  but I always end my prayer this way, lord whatever you are trying to teach me through this, I am willing to learn and though the problem does’nt  zoom off immediately, I feel a  peace.

So we have gone through this ordeal, we have cried about it, told almost every friend that is willing to listen what has happened to us, sometimes we get so accustomed to it that we start trading our hurt stories with other people’s hurt stories to see who has the worse of it all, we show them all the scars we have been clothed with from breakup, death , molestation, poverty , rape, barrenness , drug abuse etc and though we may not want it but we kind of have a little pity party theme going on in our lives. I would say it’s okay to cry when you talk about it, it’s okay to feel bad, sometimes even bitter and down but that should be for a time.. When it goes on for too long, it becomes a bit boring to people.

Every scar is a story waiting to be heard, it is a lesson to be learnt and it may just be the gospel that would bring someone out of that pit. Cry about it, share it with pain at the beginning but at some point you have got to ask God what he wants you to do with your scars because there is a time to mourn and nurse your scar and there is a time to take charge of that scar rather than let it go to waste…there might just be a reason it happened to you, it may just be to make you grow, teach you, it could be a message the world needs to hear,It may be for you to find what God has called you into – maybe an encourager, a public speaker, to open up that much needed NGO , to talk to that one person that is going astray, to comfort, advice and build people…so guys let us not waste a good scar when we can get up and share, teach or help someone with it. Now I am not trying to act like I know why you went through, or are going through all you have been going through but I know it could be to build you up to who God really wants you to be or prepare you for where he is taking you to.

I ask today that you look at that scar differently and ask God what he wants you to learn or do with that scar and I pray you don’t let a good scar go to waste. Oh wait! before I forget, not all of us would launch into a career of advising people about relationships because we have been hurt, for some of us, it is just to learn lessons from it and that is all. Know your scar, ask God what to do with it and when he speaks, act accordingly.