Since after Lady A, the compliments I have gotten are beyond me.

“Oh you are really slim, did you really just give birth?’ I remember how I felt when I went for a show with Mr possible and while waiting for him to park the car, one of the guys selling the ticket asked, “why I was so late?” And maybe because I felt ridiculously good with no kid in arms, I quickly just played the kids card, I said “I have two kids so had to put them together” who asked me? the guy said Wow! you are kidding and went further to ask questions which I was very much willing to entertain as the long and short of the matter was that I was looking good.

The compliment was getting into my head, so you can imagine my shock when I tried to wear my favourite denim out and the tummy was almost bursting out, it will not even pass for a “suck belle make shirt fine moment”, any sucking in of my tummy, I would pass out!! and when people gather to wake me up they will be shouting pull her shirt! Pull her shirt! I took that episode with a pinch of salt, armed with the fact that I gave birth 2 months ago, I wore something else, and took baby J to go make her hair.

While making her hair, I saw a reflection on the mirror, and I took a look, what!!!! it was mine,  I looked chubby,  my arms were bigger and the tummy not as small as I thought…it showed me angles I had never seen, the mirror was every where, chai! I have been deceived by my mirror and people…The greatest betrayal would be my mirror though, as for the people, they probably got used to my looks with baby J’s birth. I am the one that know how I looked before – not to worry it will go soon, if you just gave birth don’t be too worried about the weight going overnight give yourself time and start with little steps like now I would remove bread from my diet…oh all those sweet breads, especially the one you press and it just sinks down…yum! I would miss them. If you just gave birth, relax till your baby is 9 months, from then you can start losing bits at least.

I was even toying with the idea of wearing a body-con dress but now I shall pass.loll

Have you ever been deceived by your mirror?