I saw this yesterday on Laila’s blog and after going through it , I had to tell myself that I should better start homeschool for babyJ and her sister. One question though, does the price of a school determine how good it is?
Whiteplains British School N3.6 Million Abuja
Check out this list of the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria with the amounts parents pay annually for a child and the location of the schools. Mind blowing!
  • 23- Regent School Maitama N1.35 Million Abuja
  • 22- Bloombreed High School N1.5 Million Port Harcourt
21- Lead British International School N1.5 million Abuja
20- Norwegian International School N1,843,750 million Port Harcourt
  • 19- Nigerian Turkish International College N1.6 Million Abuja
  • 18- Greenoak International School N1.9 Million Port Harcourt
Green Oak
  • 17- International Community School N1.9 Million Abuja
  • 16- Charles Dale Memorial International School N2,040,000 Million Port Harcourt
  • 15- Dowen College, N2Million Lagos
  • 14- Chrisland College N2Million Lagos
  • 13- Atlantic Hall N2.27 Million Lagos
  • 12- Corona Secondary School N2.55 Million Agbara Ogun State
  • 11- Hillcrest School N2.65 Million Jos
  • 10- Loyola Jesuit N2.8 Million Abuja
  • 9- Meadow Hall N3 Million Lagos
  • 8- Greenspring School N3.185 Million Lagos
  • 7- Whiteplains British School N3.6 Million Abuja
  • 6- Day Waterman College N3.7 Million Abeokuta
Day Waterman
  • 5- Lekki British International High School N4 Million Lagos
  • 4- American International School N4.3 Million Abuja
  • 3- British International School N4.48 Million Lagos
  • 2- Grange High School N4.5 Million Lagos
  • 1- American International School N5.5 Million Lagos
List was compiled by BuzzNigeria.