Technically this is three days or even four after valentine, well you won’t know how much I wanted to post this story but body nor be firewood( I was so tired) hence the time it is coming up. How was your valentine first of all? In my last post I asked if Valentine was Overrated and even though you guys read, you did not comment…hehehe God is watching you oh. oya comment this time nah as I look forward to hearing your own ‘escapades’. The traffic in Lagos that day, showed me that couples take this very serious o.

I started my plans for this valentine pretty late as babyJ was on midterm break, so she was killing all my romantic vibes and the little one within, made me so lazy but I tried to push myself and decided I would drop a note for hubby everyday on the 10 reasons why I love him…I was gonna get a beautiful writing pad, sneak the notes into various places everyday and keep surprising him, well, what can I say? After the first day, the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak, babyJ did not allow me  to even go buy the writing pad so I used one scruffy paper the first day( you know what they say, it is the thought that counts…lol)

it was now two days to valentine and still nothing from my end, Mrpossible on the other hand was swamped at work, so I called my honey a day to and said ‘booboo what is your plan so I know not to make the wrong move?’ You see I had plan to take him to a hotel and do some romantic stuff which he’s done for me before, I just wanted bobo to feel how I felt  on my birthday 2 years ago.


Mrp’s plan however, was a resort( I was in no mood for a resort, loll, I did not want to walk on the beach, play tennis, ride a bike, I just wanted my back to touch a bed) We revealed all this to each other so we won’t have a “valentine clash“, we later decided hotel was the winner, that is how I deceived him and booked the hotel myself, told them what to do to surprise him, followed up to be sure they got it, My present to him was quite affordable( its not always about how much)

Valentine morning

We woke up early to work so we would have a great day without work, mine was blog, then we just said nice things to each other and shared failed plans we had, like my letter for everyday. We worked hard, ate little as we had planned a buffet in the hotel that afternoon( who wants to waste money…hehehe) If you leave me, I can make a buffet cry,,,lol. but by the time we got there, buffet was over…see punishment! We almost couldn’t see each other clearly again…hehehe.

We went to wheat baker hotel, the hotel was soon beautiful, review coming soon…When we were about to check in, I confirmed that everything was in place, without bobo noticing, then all of a sudden we got into the room and what did he see, He was like that name looks familiar, he was shocked and lost for words, our guest(babyJ) just couldn’t hold her excitement as she wanted to run into the petals without mercy, but a stern warning from dad  got the girl to a screeching halt and that is how we almost did not have bed to rest on o, we all sat on the chair as Mrpossible reverence his name on the bed, hunger disappeared from him, not me, the look on his face , was a sight for a sore eyes, I would give anything to have that again… We finally decided to get food, because our almost fasting was taking a toll on us, trust me the foodie to be the one to order the dishes…hehehe, I ordered three dishes in pretence that one was for babyJ, well If the mother has eaten then the child has eaten right? No!

When the battle was over, our victory was evident

We were so tired maybe from waking up early to work or overfeeding that we missed the jazz night, we could not swim and Mrp has to sleep so he would wake up to do some work… I tried making babyJ’s hair( bad idea, all this natural hair things, I just can’t!) I later gave up and went gathering the petals, then it clicked that instead of me to just throw this live roses into the dustbin after the money I spent, I would rather use it till they all die,lool, That is how I ran some hot water in the bath tub  with the help of babyJ, added some bath gel, a glass of wine and we went to wake daddy, babyJ was so excited and kept doing everything I did, from the lovely taps to the gentle hugs and by the time booboo got up to take a bath, I guess the best words to say is, he was dazed, and was like “are you for real?” Yes o, I am for real oh. The beautiful thing in this story is that the Rose petals worked all its penny, by the time we were leaving the next day, the rose petals had lost it glory…hehehe, trust a warri girl.

That is how I spent my Val o, what about you? Gist me.