I am not one to follow the trend but I have had love for cropped top a long time coming, especially the way it can make you look effortlessly chic.
I thought I would wear it once my tummy got to its goal but no oh, as I got to that mark, I got pregnant! Then I found out you don’t have to get a flat tummy to wear one, so I started my search again, looking for the cropped top that was meant for me and me alone. There she was on a mannequin, she knew she was mine as she was the last piece standing, I got a shopkeeper to bring it down and my joy knew no bound.
I finally had the opportunity to wear it on my first outing to the hospital with Lady A, what other way to show I am a hot momma? My mum told me that the way she is seeing the top, I would show skin and advised I wore a camisole, I quickly said ” ha! mummy it would be a death to this top if I ever wore a camisole on it,” that there is a way I would wear it and nothing would show because I sincerely did not want anything showing. That was how I wore the top ooo and my high waist jeggings. I got to the hospital feeling so fly like mother of two with style, then it happened my high-waist jeggings was falling from my waist.. I comported myself by pulling it up stylishly and it dropped again, before I knew it, I felt like it was becoming a combat o,  i did not know what to do, should I drop the kids and just focus on the dress? BabyJ was running up and down and since my mum helped with Lady A, I just had to run after J. It almost felt like everyone was looking at me and my belly doing peekaboo.
If I had seen a camisole then, I would have grabbed it with my two hands and even thanked the giver in Benin, Itsekiri and French…it was really a day! and I learnt that ‘okpolor eye nor be open eye’ I had to do a lot of paperwork for lady A…the walls were closing in on me, I felt every mother  or mother in-law in the children clinic would be telling their daughters, ‘you see this girl, don’t ever try it” …after feeling bad for myself, embarrassed and running up and down with my belly in everyone’s face, I had to own it, nothing could be done, I am far from home, I called MrPossible, we laughed about it, I decided not to be so self-conscious and then I just rocked it! If you had seen me after that, I would even give you a look that would make you think it is your tummy showing. hahaha.
Note to self: Next time, I would try out the cloth and jog around just to make sure there are no slips. I  used the cropped top with a high waist skirt on another outing. Picture below:
Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?