Get Your Hands Dirty Child!


Get your hands dirty! Last night my baby J told me she wanted a sandwich for breakfast today, so l got up, made her a very juicy sandwich, just the way she likes it. You know the type that when you take a bite, you forget your manners and lick all five fingers😏.  As soon […]

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Daddy Is Here!

My then 2 year old, learnt how to turn the keys to doors and had been able to lock me in, lock my husband in and I wonder how she hasn’t locked herself yet. One evening, I was just relaxing and pretty much overwhelmed with how my day had gone and these kids would not […]

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A wife and Mom Dilemma.

Who gets more help around the house from hubby when they are sick?  So I chopped a bit of my finger this week while cutting sweet potato for my family. Hmmmmm! Let me just say I saw motherhood in a different light( I would shed some light on this someday)  Let us enter the gist proper, […]

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Say No! Choose You.

Just say No! I have never been a Yes man but I find it hard to say No sometimes especially to friends and families, at the end of the day after taking on the task, I get burnt out and almost start resenting the person. Feeling like they are not considerate enough. One day Mr […]

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