A Picture of the potato porridge in the pot
I know a lot of us know how to cook porridge and must have tried different styles… well this is my potato porridge …

I pretty much learnt this from my mother-in-law and tried it out and of course it was yummy…The picture speaks for itself…Not only is it healthy but it got people that don’t eat porridge licking their fingers…hehehehe

Olive oil
Skinless chicken thighs
Sweet potato
Irish Potato
Stock fish
Chicken stock

Peel your potato and chop them into bits( more like how you prefer them)

Irish potato chopped with Garlic

Blend your pepper and onions and you can add tatashe(bell pepper) don’t make it too smooth
Pepper and onions blended

Put your olive oil or whatever oil of choice on fire and fry your pepper and onions for a bit
add your stock fish or boil your stock fish separately and put the stock fish and its stock in your already fried pepper and onions, you can also add your chicken stock and chicken and leave to simmer…This way the chicken and stockfish would sap the juice in the stew

The pepper after adding stockfish and stock…

If your chicken is already soft then you can remove it and add your potato
Add some more water and leave to cook for a bit
Stir from time to time with a spatula
Use your spatula to smash one or two potato while stirring( it will make it thick)
Add the chicken
leave for a bit
Potato in pot after everything has been mixed together

You will have this

My portion served in a plate( forgot to add the mint vegetable while cooking so I tried to serve it like a chef(hehehe)