** Sorry the post is coming late, very very busy day**** Hmmm…These kids can either break to or make you stronger…strapping your child to your back, aka backing has helped mothers since 1822…loool but this is a big problem for you in the future. Please all new and would be mums after this write-up, you can make your choice. It has its advantages and of course disadvantages. Strapping a child to your back is magical, you know, all of a sudden, you do not have to worry about what the child is up to when you are cooking, doing laundry or anything because you know, you have got them strapped on, also you would enjoy how fast your child can fall asleep when they are on your back and you can easily put them on the bed and go about your activities almost whistling with a sense of accomplishment and peace but when they get used to it ghen ghen! You are in so much trouble. Did you ever see the pictures of a mother that strapped her baby to a pillow? Hmmm, I wish I could do this to babyJ. Unknown When next you see a very big child strapped to the mothers back its either they are sick and they find the back soothing or the mum has been caught in the ‘back syndrome’.   I have always heard from encouraging folks and loved once “strap the child to your back and you would be free to do anything”, in short my sister told me that she cannot believe that I have not experienced the miracle of ‘backing’ a child. You see, I did not want to ‘back’ my daughter at all and even though I knew how that would relieve me, I always thought and had experienced how hard it is to strap a child to the back especially when they get used to it…. In short nowadays whenever babyJ sees my back lying fallow, she takes a position ready for me to strap her…. I knew this was never a good idea but when I moved to Oman and did not have help on weekdays then I joined the millions of mothers who strap their kids to their back. I know where I am coming from as I have backed my nephew while he was growing up and understood it is no easy task, he enjoyed it so much so that he would wake up at night, start pulling anything that looks like a cloth or wrapper saying to you  “gack! gack!!” amidst tears and will not give up until you back him, even while his mum was heavily pregnant. I have never understood the rationale behind some of these things that can put a child to sleep…how you tap a child’s bum for sometime and they fall asleep or their back and the most amazing still remains strapping a child to your back, the first few time, the way they fall asleep is so fast but when they have started growing ha! You are on your own, as you back them, it is like they are prepared for you, they will stay there eyes wide opened and even start singing some melodious songs and the backache that comes with that or am I the only one with backache? Some people will say, if you play lullaby, a child can fall asleep… Chai! Don’t tell me that, I tried it when BabyJ was younger but breast feeding was a better lullaby for her, even now I still play lullaby but it seem to give her a certain spring in her steps, gingers her to play more and if it is on television then she would watch it to the end without blinking but her dad would fall asleep…loll Hmmmmm… Now I am stuck with an over 12 kg girl always on my back, I am trying to stop it but do you know these kids are pros when it comes to blackmail? As I write, she is taking a nap and I tried to put her to bed without strapping her to my back, it took one hour, some bitter tears then I finally gave up and just strapped the girl to my back jor Please help! loll…Make your choice today to strap or not to and If you have other ideas on how to make kids sleep without the strapping share