I have written this article for a long time but never posted it because is either one of my friend’s is in a social relationship or the other, so I didn’t  want no one thinking I am writing about them, You get? But the truth must be shared one way or the other.

I think it is a thing of choice if you want to share or keep your relationship private but I personally think when it comes to dating, Silence is Golden! Some days ago while I was surfing the net, I saw Usain Bolt girlfriend congratulate her boo and because I love relationship, I went to check her out and realized they have been dating for two years and in my mind , I was already seeing a diamond ring on a finger, when he returns from the olympics


but because  people would not allow her be great, different pictures started coming up of her boo somedays later and one of the stories read; “It’s been a whirlwind of a birthday for Olympic champion Usain Bolt, who was pictured kissing a mystery brunette in Rio, cuddling up to a Brazilian student in bed”


I feel so bad of what she might feel, if only…These men would not embarrass somebody o, after she wrote that about you?

The social media has a great effect on this generation both positively and negatively…all of a sudden you can go viral and make a hell of money for yourself( ask Justin Bieber) or you can see a lot of people hating on you and that can affect you. Inasmuch as I love the power of the social media, please what do you think about putting up your relationship in everybody”s face? If you are married that is fine but what if after telling the whole world about this guy or girl  you are dating then you don’t work out?

The social media craze is alarming as the world has turned into my grandmother’s hut. Everything that happens is one place goes around the world in a speed of light. The good, bad, the ugly is talked about in different places about people’s lives especially relationships and marriages in Hollywood and most recently Nollywood.

We hear who married who, who is leaving who and this ends up in our daily chit-chat.The vibe we get from  social media has made most of us want to be stars of some sort by doing our videos, changing status to recently engaged, in a relationship, single blah blah blah. What confuses me in the social media relationships is when you flaunt that you are in a relationship on Facebook, put up too good to be true pictures, then in some months you are single again and when you date again  you go over the cycle.( you nor advice yasef)

I was looking through a friends Facebook pictures and his girlfriend was all over the place, then someone recently congratulated him for dating  his boo, and he responded under the comment, “we are not together again” and I am like, “which kain thing be this?“- what kind of thing is this? Why tell us when you are dating, make us know when you have troubles and when you break up, forcing us to come tell you sorry when the chips are down, why not just wait? I know how it feels when the relationship is so good and you cannot wait to tell the world? Unfortunately, it can still fail so bia Come,  my sister Biko-Please, just try wait till your wedding card is out or pre-wedding pictures, then bombard every social media platform with your pictures, that way, it is a win-win. We don’t know when you started, we don’t know when you quarrelled , we just see a wedding card and congratulate you heartily.

To the married folks:

Enjoy posting your pictures and everything if you want, after all you are married and it is not an easy something. If you like make conversations on what meal to cook for him or run the entire marriage on Facebook, whatever rocks your boat…The only advice I shall put out there is, when or If things gets rocky, if it ever does, don’t act like everything is fine on social media with the picture perfect moment that would make people think everything is great, don’t think you have to feed your audience with the information they need to hear or see, Please just sit back, relax and fix the marriage, not the media.

This is just my opinion o, what is yours?

Hugs and Kisses

Obehi Agbonifo