Happy New year guys! I know the topic holds so many questions already but before you think it might be a negative post, let me explain that it is just a snap back to reality post and I know some of you are in the shoes I am about to explain, but before then, Hope you had an amazing holiday? Did you? I did though, thanks for asking too.

You know my birthday falls right in the heart of where people make resolutions and promise themselves that this new year would be better than the last, that night where almost everybody goes to church, guessed my birthday yet? well, if you say New years eve, then you guessed right.

Imagine the burden on that day, everybody promising themselves that the next year/day would be the best yet, they would climb mountians, cross seas, even vision boards are thrown left, right , center, the year is tagged with themes etc… Omg!!! The pressure!

Because New year’s eve is my birthday, I always reflect on my year so far, and imagine I am not doing this alone, the world is doing this too… So for me this time, nothing was going to stop me, the new year had started, all the cards seem finally well stacked, the plan seemed in place, it felt like i was on a race, well positioned, just waiting for the referee to blow the whistle and say GO! but by the time the whistle was blown, I fell flat on my face…lol!

The new year started with me being sick, forced to go on bedrest, it felt like all my fellow contestant on the race had left me on the floor, faced down(Can I state that I am in no competition but sometimes you can feel that way). This wasn’t the plan, the new year was to start with a blast!!!!

I grieved all the things I couldn’t do, I was hurt because my plan involved me being physical, it felt like everything was being thrown out the window once the doctor placed me on compulsory bedrest.

Mr. Possible kept saying, your year is not defined by some days in the beginning of the year, I was first upset he would say that, cant he see how i have planned for the year, cant he see, how i am lying down doing nothing?

As time went on, i began to understand more and more that my year, even your year is not determined by some days where things don’t go as planned, Your year is defined by how you commit to make each day count and when you fail, or get down because it doesn’t go as planned, your year is determined by how you bounce back and commit to making the next day count.

So forget about your resolution, forget about the plans that all of a sudden dont feel like they are going right, don’t allow it break you down, don’t allow it stop you…Forget about the year, just commit to a day, one day at a time and keep getting up no matter how things don’t go your way and your resolve should always be, ‘So it is a new year, but I would commit to a new day….

Happy New DAY!!!!!