Location- Dominoes
Two things happened in Dominoes, one I would share now, the other, next episode of Sights and Sounds, We went there to get pizza as that is pretty much baby J’s craving now, while I was on the queue, everybody making orders, some receiving what was ordered, a lady in front of me just asked the sales guy who seemed to be under a lot of pressure “please do you have sliced bread?” I was surprised!, She had her money clenched in her fist,she was not really well dressed, I expected the sales guy to laugh or get sarcastic because I have seen that so many times before, when a sales boy or receptionist use you to cover their insecurity, dissatisfaction and low self esteem, by talking or treating you in a terrible manner also known as using you to ‘shine’ but not this sales guy, though under a lot of pressure he lowered himself close enough to her as she wasn’t tall, and answered in a soft voice  ” No ma, We don’t sell bread here” you could see his look was so sincere like he really cared, he went further to tell her”but ma, if you just go across the street there is a bread place there, you might see sliced bread”
Immediately I thought to myself what some of us would do in such a situation, some of us treat people based on their looks, their intelligence,If he is elegant you treat like royalty, if not well dressed,you give them shit.
Lesson Learnt: Treat people nicely even when  under a lot of pressure,no matter who they are, even if what they say sound off, don’t mock them, just go the extra mile to be nice to them.