I thought about starting this episode recently based on things I see and hear sometimes; they are little but they teach, amuse or just leave me in awe, so I have decided to share them with you as sights and sounds. If you also have something that catches your eyes, amuses, teaches you a lesson, please do not fail to share. Location: Church and Eatery We had just closed from church and got  into the car after all the plenty buckle up and down of car seat and seat belts, I finally took my place beside Mrp, just when he was about to move, he said ” do you want to give the child something” My quick response was ‘what child?’, he showed me a mother and child begging from window to window, as soon as I saw the child?, my heart melted, she was under the hot scorching sun, sweating profusely, not well dressed and of course not looking good. I quicky beckoned on her mother and she came, asked some question and I finally parted with 1000 naira, then she said ” Madam, na 5000 naira I be dey look for?” I was so pissed, Indeed beggars are specific nowadays. After that episode, we went to an eatery and I stopped to buy fruits, all of a sudden one young lad came towards me and said”Madam please I want to buy a bag of pure water, please help me, I want to sell it”  I normally would have given him any change in my hands but I was still boiling from that lady, so I just walked past until I thought about it, why allow someone’s bad personality define another person. I turned back to give the boy some money. Lesson Learnt: Never allow anybody’s bad attitude towards you,affect your attitude towards another.