I was up till 3am yesterday , finally watching the whole story of Busola Dakolo about Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, I shed some tears and sincerely was hurt at the innocence of the little girl that was snatched away!

I hear people saying, ‘don’t take sides’ but no one would ever recount such story in such details and be lying, you would have to be a psycho! And if anyone wants to get popular, there are ways to go about it, not through rape.

I hear people also say, ‘Oh we don’t know the truth, we are Christians and we won’t stand with anyone” and to that I say, we know the truth because we have a discerning spirit!

At the end of watching that almost  two hours of a gruelling interview of Busola Dakolo’s interview, I have a few things to say…

  • No one can cook up such a story even if it is for popularity, you won’t use Rape. So enough of that side of the gist.
  • Pastor Biodun would need to speak his truth too, step down and those with evidence, please come out now, we need it
  • I hope this buzz never goes down and that the truth comes out quickly.
  • The church is not under attack, ‘a deceptive, manipulative, lying and adulterous spirit’ is under attack until proven otherwise.
  • I  prayed for everyone that was involved including the wife because if she sincerely knows the truth somehow and just can’t wrap her head around it, that she has decided not to believe, she would need loads of healing.
  • Finally I saw the post of the protest and I am glad we are standing up for the truth, for justice and for ourselves.  I was  however in serious shock when we started saying shame on you to church members and I saw a placard that said ‘your penis is not above the law’ Haba! Brothers and Sisters.

I personally believe in fighting for truth and justice, I believe in what the movement is about, however, let us not get carried away with our emotions, and cause harm to this beautiful movement of truth and justice. As for what I stand for, I stand for accountability in the church, I stand with speaking up your truth, I stand with every lady that has ever been raped and that also means I definitely stand with Busola Dakolo.