When dating we check a lot of things to make sure our partner is our ‘perfect fit’ but something that is important but we pay little or no attention to is how we resolve conflicts. To me, that sets a major tone for your relationship, how does he react when he is wrong,does he accept and apologize, does she play your emotions down, is he too proud to beg or does he bribe you with a gift, does she blackmail you with tears or distracts you with something so she can run from the issue? Or does he give you an abrupt sorry to make you stop talking? Well, conflicts should be discussed and trashed but it shouldn’t be dwelt upon as long as both parties are satisfied with the resolve.

When you keep having issues with resolving conflict or avoiding to resolve conflict, then one day it would blow up in your face! Booom! And you would be surprised how much damage has been done. So if there is something to add to your list of meeting ‘the right guy/girl’, it is important to know how you resolve conflict and the beautiful thing is this, if you marry a guy/ girl that finds a way to block conflict resolution, you can work on it but start now.