Remember my story on how I felt when i realized I was having another girl? Well, I reached out to some people and here is one of their stories… Expecting our first child was easy because of cause it’s the first and any sex just seemed ok and it was a boy. So when I got pregnant for the second it was only natural to desire a girl. My husband and I prayed and hoped for a girl. When I went for the scan to determine the sex, the doctor said  “you guys are expecting another boy”. The sudden sadness she saw on my face she had to call another doctor to confirm, just to be sure she wasn’t making a mistake. And they both agreed it was a boy. Although before she said that I already had the attitude that I will be grateful with what ever God gives. I had no idea that the news of another boy would make me almost cry. Immediately I told the doctor that I’m definitely going to have a third child soon. I just couldn’t imagine not having a girl. I kept thinking, so I’m doing this again? I’ve done boy already now? What’s new to be done? I wasn’t happy at all. My husband wasn’t present at that scan, so he said maybe it’s my lack of faith…lol, that if he was there he knows what he has asked God for, he even had scriptures to back his own faith. I started shopping for a few boys clothing. Anyway, after a while I started asking God for forgiveness and I re-programmed my mind to accept another boy, but my husband kept hoping and believing. The months that followed revealed other issues with the the pregnancy and the sex of the baby was the least of our worries. We were believing God for a healthy baby. Just then, at the last scan before delivery, the doctor gave us the good news that the baby was healthy and we had nothing to worry about again, and she just casually said “I’m sure I already told you that you are expecting a girl”. You can imagine the shock! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My husband kept saying “I said it! I said it.” we were beyond excited. And the shopping for girls stuff began same day.