Another mum’s story… ‎We had a daughter for baby number one and I hoped and prayed we would have a boy for our second pregnancy. I was open minded about a second baby girl even hubby was. Secretly, I would go to stores and admire female clothes so in my mind, I think I still wanted a Hubby on the other hand, thought we were having a boy because the pregnancy was different. I ate a lot, had more energy compared to my first pregnancy and was working two jobs (my office job and a small business). Hubby and I agreed to disagree that this time, we wouldn’t check the sex of the baby and just wait on God to give us the perfect child. I did not buy any clothes at all because we had 3 boxes of female clothes that baby E used and also some that she did not wear at all. I was having a winter baby so most of the clothes I had for baby E were neutral wears. Two weeks before delivery, I said to hubby, “Hon, I don’t think we are having a boy.” Lol, I just had that feeling! On the day of the delivery, it was indeed a girl! I was indifferent and simply thanked God for a safe delivery and another beautiful baby girl. We picked only boy names for the baby but at the end of the day that day, we were able to come up with a name for her. Going home, everyone kept saying she looked like a boy and some even assumed she was a he, some even went to the extent of asking why my little one did not come as a boy. I didn’t mind at first but after a while, I started to get infuriated over their snide and I must contribute comments. I responded back, letting them know that I did not appreciate their retorts. Here’s why: God gives and every baby has a purpose, a destiny that has to be fulfilled. No matter what we think we want, God would only give to us in his own perfect time. We are extremely blessed and happy with our daughters, they are perfect and I couldn’t have asked for any better. He always gives us the best.