Few weeks to when my 1st and Precious little one was to be born, Obehi wanted me to write a story on my journey of getting pregnant. Though  that was not something I wanted to go through with but I still wanted to share my story.
Hmmmmmm, how do I start? I practically gave myself 6 months after wedding so I and my HSB could have some time to ourselves before any tiny little feet comes into our world but as the saying goes, ‘Man Proposes but God Disposes’ and that was how it went.
Getting pregnant was one of  the hardest things I would say happened to me, six months after getting married, I found out one morning I was getting bloated, had nausea, thinking it was all part of the pregnancy symptoms, but I was so wrong, it turned out to b cysts…Omg! my cycles has always been regular, how come I had cysts? This was on the 14th of June 2014, it felt like my world came crashing, HSB did all he could to comfort me but as much as I tried, it all seems too difficult to comprehend or accept it . My daily prayer was “Whose report would you believe?” Doctor’s report or God’s report. I started medication, having test every month and all, put all my trust and hope in God.
Every month I would pray I didn’t see “Grandma” but it was always there.
One evening, I noticed my nipples were sore and painful not knowing HSB noticed some changes and has been monitoring me. After 6months of being on medication and doing various test, I was Pregnant! Yippe! My journey to motherhood then began, It’s been 9 beautiful months down the line of feeling my little one grow inside of me, no morning sickness or nausea or any pregnancy symptom. God was indeed awesome to me. I would have shared my birth story but still waiting for my cute one to come but soon, I mean in a short while…..