Unknown Growing up, I was one child that easily got irritated and if we were asked to share a bottle of coke, my brother would say a lot of irritating things and also lick around the bottle just to get me to give up, one in a while, I cry out and report my mum but because I am a fighter, most times I take it and he would go something like ” omg! you are drinking cockroach head, crushed lizard, frogs eyes” he would do this till I finished the drink that is if I don’t give up half way and as soon as I am done he would walk away in satisfaction….Lol! he enjoyed tormenting me because of how easily irritated I get. After I gave birth to my daughter, I was still acting like there are some things I cannot do, I remember cleaning her navel wasn’t easy for me, I got by though… After some major experience with babyJ, the smell of her poop(makes my eyes water) which by the way only the love of a mother can stand (hubbies, aunties, friends and well wishers would either run, get angry or cry) I hardly got irritated, ask me now to do anything, I would do it without stress… I can comfortably eat with her doing her poop business along side.
Some weeks ago, I was about to give her a bath so I pulled off her diapers so she would experience some breeze since she had already soiled it and I knew that was the last for that time , I allowed her run wild and free while I quickly edited what I was to post… I heard her making some musical sounds in her playpen which was behind me and also stomping her feet, since I couldn’t see inside the play pen I just looked at her face and saw she looked fulfilled, then she started twisting with her leg in an “a yaga yaga yaga yo”(slide) fashion and was looking down , I was going to ignore but I said let me just take a peep, still with my laptop in hand, Behold, babyJ had done her business on the floor and had smashed/smudged it all over the place, inshort it was what lubricated her legs to do the Ras kimono dance, it was all over the place, her toys, her legs and the first thing that came mind was thank God she did not eat it because she has tried that before…
I did not even give a thought on how irritating it felt , I cleaned it up, gave her a bath and guess what? After that I had a healthy bowl of salad forgetting what had happens just some minutes ago.
The joys of motherhood!