I have grown to understand that just one second alone, is  priceless, I feel  when you are married with kids, there are a lot of people in your space…Everybody at some point need a little time alone or is it just me? I guess not. I have since come to conclusion that I may not have a little time alone at least, not anytime soon, so I took it up with  Mr. Possible


Bride2mum: Babe I would like a vacation alone, ha! sometimes you just need to get away…

Mr.Possible: (With a big smile) That is impossible, the only vacation WE get is without the children…What will I do when you travel?

I also realized that whenever I try to dodge them, they all just show up where  I am at, like they have a bluetooth connected to me.

As a young girl before marriage,I used to like my toilet time, I can read, text and just generally reflect, I even sing! Well, that is all gone now, the last time, i went to the toilet and tried having a quiet time, guess who showed up? The crew! I just started laughing, my personal space has been compromised, though it can be daunting, but I would have them in my space over and over again SOMETIMES!

How has your personal time/space been compromised by your kids and hubby,nieces, nephews or parents or even workers? Do you think you did not maximize your personal time or space were young and free, some of us never even had that space, we were having one boyfriend or the other…lol! Now you ‘haff’  entered marriage and you are looking for space…On Your Own! Okay not that you cannot take some time alone but it is super hard, i finally took my personal retreat, a day without my family after 6 years of marriage.