It is so amazing how somebody would come to you crying, and giving you the look of “you are my only hope” to borrow money from you then when it is time to pay, you don’t recognise that “calm, begging person” it is almost a monster staring in your face and if you get your money without a little bit of insult here and there…you are lucky!
 It is because of hurts like this that some people say “I cannot borrow any amount, I cannot let go” and some people don’t borrow altogether making it hard for those that are really in need to get anything off someone that can help. Growing up, my mum taught us that contentment with godliness is great gain, she never allowed us borrow anything even when you don’t have, she would say you can make do with what you have…If there is no Maggi in the house and you can quickly ask your neighbor for Maggi, my mum would tell you crayfish can be used to supplement Maggi…lol! With that kind of upbringing, it was a done deal; you will hardly borrow or take something on credit because you want it. Okay, I am not saying it is bad to ask a neighbor for help when you need it or Maggi as the case may be, I am just gisting you my upbringing. As I have learnt, the world is fierce and borrowing or buying on credit is a culture and even delaying to pay when your debt is due and turning the person around is a talent…hehehe. Personally, I hate to borrow money to people because I don’t know how to ask for it back , the only reason I don’t know how to do that, is because I am even ashamed for the person… You borrow money to someone and on the due date, they don’t pay you, they don’t even have the courtesy to tell you why they cannot pay that day, they just act like you guys never had anything, you will almost be asking ” has she paid me and I cannot remember”, then the painful side to this, is when you see them changing phones, clothes and hairstyles meanwhile you have not been able to change your phone because you know your priority and when you dare ask some of them for payment, before you finish your statement they go something like “Ehn yeah! Is it not that thing, I have you in mind, I will give you the thing” call it the name nah, when you were borrowing, you did not ask me to give you the thing, you named it and the price. What I have learnt from people that owe and treat you like trash or act like you are offending them when you ask for your money back, though when they asked for your money that they almost kissed your feet:
  • Most of them have no shame and are ready to owe you till they feel like they are ready to pay you( that is if they pay you at all or it doesn’t go down with a fight) so be careful because they can embarrass you and even say ” that nonsense top you sold to me  that faded…  how much did you borrow me sef, that you are acting like it is a big deal?… I said , I will pay! please don’t insult me, I don’t have money now…(meanwhile you can spot her new bag, shoes and phone)”
  • They are not content,
  • They can lie very well chai!
  •  As they are coming to you to buy on credit or beg you to borrow them money, they are also asking Ngozi, Tolu, Martha and others
  • They can be rude about it
  • They are all about keeping up appearances…. they want to look good, prove they belong to a class e.t.c
  • They cannot compromise on their lifestyle so if they buy clothes every month when they had money, they will still do so when they are broke and even when they are owing you…Beware of them!
There is this saying that Nigerians have “na credit they make girl fine (buying things without paying immediately would make you look good)” that means you can meet up all your needs and wants if you don’t pay in full. The debt culture is a bad thing and seriously no guy/girl like their partner to owe everywhere or always on the phone telling people ” I will see you… end of the month”. You are the best dressed in a party, you look so good on clothes you have not paid for and you go for an occasion scared that your creditors will catch you , please you are living a borrowed lifestyle, which  is a bad character. Pay and be free! Sincerely I advice that we should work on that aspect of us, the lack of contentment and borrowing, buying on credit with no future plan to play when it is due, living above our means and budget says a lot about who we really are. Say No to excessive borrowing, compulsive buying and owing people to the extent you are now in their prayers….” O God as I go to see Obehi today, touch her heart to pay me the money she owes me, may we not fight….) it’s just unfair when we make someone regret lending us money, selling to us on credit and turning their supposed good to bad. If you know you fall into what I pretty much described, change biko (please) and pay your debts!! Please share your debt experience…