I sincerely don’t know why in a committed relationship or marriage, you cannot go through your spouse phone, I mean, why would I pick up my  boo’s phone and he would almost have a heart attack or we would have the biggest quarrel of our lifetime? It is when you are hiding something that your spouse or boo cannot go through your phone without a fight, so I saw that P.Diddy and Cassie broke up and the story went like so,

According to TMZ… Diddy then jumped out of the vehicle with the phone and she went away with the driver, she reported it to her mum, who called the Police and when the Police got home, he had given her the phone…

If you are in a committed relationship or in a marriage, there is nothing like, his phone is for him, my phone is for me, we respect each other’s privacy, what Privacy??? Your most Private possession is your “you know what???” most of us give that up in a relationship, yet we say we respect his space or his phone privacy, really? You respect it more than the only part of your body that is called Private.

To married people, I hear this statement very often “what you don’t know will not kill you”, what this statement mean is this, you would rather live in ignorance than know the truth, let me shock you, what you don’t know would not only kill you, it would hurt you, break you, shock you and eventually  embarrass you, ask the woman in my story from yesterday.

Let us get it straight, I am not saying you should be paranoid or set a tracking device on your spouse phone but please this should be known in your dating years, is he open with you? Does he live like an open book towards you?…especially in relationship, if the phone causes a major fight, then what are you doing there?

I feel married ladies would say, so if I get his phone and go through it and see unthinkable things, how has that helped me?(who you epp?) First of all, you can talk to him, if he would listen, you can also take precaution(AIDS and HIV) especially if you don’t want to walk out, you can save money and make sure you have something going for yourself, above all, you can rain thunder and fire on anything shady(girl) he is doing outside…Always know that when someone hides anything from you, it is because they don’t want you to find out and except it is a surprise party, you should sincerely know everything happening in your spouse life.

Some married or single people don’t have this problem at all because, they don’t only know their spouse or boyfriend’s password, if there is any,they can open it with their thumb print,the phone is theirs as much as it is his and nobody flies out of a car because they want to go through their partners  phone.