The idea behind this food
We went for a dinner on our anniversary (will put up that story soon) and watched this chef cook… Trust a foodie like me, whenever I eat something nice or tasty, I try to replicate it….So this food came as a result of trying to replicate the dish I saw but the man did not use tomatoes and fresh pepper so basically this sauce is an original of bride2mom
Story behind the meal
The day I tried to replicate this dish, I told MrPossible, If he would love to have same dish we had in the restaurant because I knew I had to win him over since it is a new meal….The more I tried with all my toasting lines, the guy refused oh and said he wants to start portion control and since he had a big bowl of amala and gbegiri for lunch, he would just have banana and chicken ( combo unexplained) so when I got tired, I made food for just myself and it tasted great! But the pepper was too much for the portion I was making, see me dancing and crying

One red Pepper
Half yellow bell pepper
One or half tomatoes( cut the tomatoes into two and scoop out the juice as we don’t want it stewy)
One small onions
Smoked salmon fish
One chicken
A little groundnut oil (I used Canola)
A little stock or water
Three fingers of baby corn

Chop your pepper, tomatoes, yellow bell pepper,onions, garlic, cabbage, grate your ginger
Boil your chicken and keep small stock aside and pan fry the chicken( that is without oil)
You can scatter your smoked fish/salmon
Add small oil to the pot
Add all your chopped things and stir for like 3minute,
Add your stock and if you like a tiny weeny crayfish
Add your baby corn
Leave to boil as long as you want, you may either want it crunchy or soft
Then you can serve with your pasta,yam or rice.

Pasta before cooked

Yellow bell pepper, fresh pepper and tomatoes
chopped carrot and onions

Sorry no picture of the cabbage, It was an after thought when I realised the pepper was too much but it made the food yummy!!!
After adding everything in pot