Am I the only one that gets bad hair day almost all the time? It feels like most of the saloon in Lagos are on my case. It is either they are pulling every strand of my hair in reckless abandon or they get it wrong all the time.

I have chopped off my natural hair, yep! It happened like a joke, I went for a normal weave and after they pulled my brains just making two braids, I quickly walked up to their barber and had him chop up the remaining hair, I was that drastic, because I want to enjoy every bit of life and sensitive scalp is not going to stand in my way!!!!

By the time I got home, hubby received the shock of his life, how do you leave the house with a luscious black hair and come home with low-cut? Lolll! I guess he just understood totally what the priest at our wedding meant when he said ‘for better for WORSE’. He had this look like ‘Okay… so this is what we are doing now…’ Guess what? The next day was even valentine and it would thrill you to know that, when I left the house, I had great intention to do something really beautiful.

My kids were stunned and told me, baby j’s  mouth was opened in surprise and she had this look in her eyes like, ‘if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all’.

Well, I was determined to prove to them that I would rock this short hair really well and the next thing I did weeks later was to go style the hair. I went to a natural hair saloon to do that and after doing it, they did a superb job but it did not still fit me really. The only thing that saved me, is my beautiful face.

So I had a brilliant idea to dye the hair in another great saloon, I spent almost 10k to dye and flat thong. I was hopeful this would be great and my husband and kids would be blown away, so I meticulously picked  out this dark wine colour, I did not allow any of the girls touch my hair, I went with a male stylist and in my mind, I was like ‘this one would know the job’. I started getting worried when this boy was calling me Mummy and sometimes mama, ‘dude I am not your mum, you should be older than me sef’,

Next thing, he said they had to bleach my hair before applying the wine colour I bought and bleaching he did. My scalp was on fire!!!! I told him “my scalp is on fire”, he said, that means it’s working. This is not my first hair dye in my life o, but I trusted his manly expertise. By the time it became unbearable, I quickly googled and found out that I was reacting to the product, so I had him wash the hair, this boy was scrubbing my scalp, after everything I came out looking like a blonde chic. I told myself, ‘Obee babe, a little burn shouldn’t stop you from applying your wine colour’ so I pushed through.

We applied the other colour, all the while this boy kept saying ‘Mama don’t worry, no pain no gain’ I did not know if I should get angry with the mama he was calling me or the fact that I had made a mistake with my choice of stylist.

After applying the wine colour, I saw my hair turning burnt orange and I tried to ask them, ‘is this not a wine dye you sold to me’, they told me not to worry, that it shows wine after the washing off. By the time they were done washing my hair and burnt scalp, all I saw was a blonde patched and burnt orange head in front of me, at this point I was totally done, you would think I would fight or give it to them very well, Nope!! I was too humbled by the colour to say anything. I sat still and just let them flat thong ‘Mummy the mummy’s’ hair and when they were done, I picked up my bag and left, while leaving, all the stylist kept telling me how wonderful the colour was and how they would do it eventually, did they really need to flatter me?

Driving into my gate, I thought of my dear Mr.P and my little girls, how would they react? They were in total shock as Mr. P opened the door, he was like ‘wow!’ He was speechless, smiled one kind of half smile of surprise as he sank into the chair and he folded his arms and went ‘ but do you like it?’ I said yes, lollll! How would I say no? Then he started laughing and saying ‘I am afraid to look at your face, I understand your hair is red but why is your face red too?’

I plan to rock this colour, till the scalp heals totally, Have you had a bad hair experience in a supposed good Saloon?