These were the best and they were not good enough!
This morning I woke up too early and being that I was already up, I had to do breakfast for Mrpossible, while in Nigeria, I always did breakfast for him but because he comes home for lunch here, he fixes his breakfast himself most times, loll! Sometimes in the morning, I am all great wifey, get up, put out clothes and make breakfast but some other times I just want to sleep away and if I get up to pee, I will tip toe so Mrpossible don’t see me because once he sees me, he will give me a big bright smile and say “Babe, do you want to help me?” I never get to answer that question but I guess he always assume I’ll say yes because immediately he would say “Just help me with breakfast” Without hesitation I do the favour he asked of me, while wishing he did not catch me coming out of that room…It is almost magical, that he catches me all the time, Its like as soon as he hears the creak of the door, he is in front of me with a big smile asking for a favour, I guess, I would pee only after he has left the house.

As I was saying, since I was up, I decided to do the goody wifey thing,that is make some breakfast… All of a sudden I started blending beans and pepper for akara, who does that though? Akara in the morning for someone rushing to work… This was 7am for crying out loud…I am guessing it was the virtous woman in me that kicked in because I took it too far….I wonder what Mrpossible was thinking as he just calmly asked me to pass him hot water and took out bread for himself… But the virtuous woman in me kept mixing,stirring the blended beans and I started frying…as I placed the akara in the hot boiling oil, It was like the akara wanted to mock me, it was not looking nice at all…it will definitely not remind you of the akara you had as a child or the one you queued for every morning by the akara woman’s shop…Those healthy looking, brightly coloured akara you eat with pap( soup) that the first bite is crunchy and inside is hot and steamy…. This my akara fell flat on it’s face almost as flat as pancakes and as brown as a coconut but it was edible, after I did the second batch , I had to give up.

I gave Mrpossible the nicest three looking ones, he could not eat all( it was just three!) and said he left the last one for me. Mrpossible does that most of the time when he doesn’t really like a particular meal.

So what did I learn?
There is time for everything…

What I learnt from the food
Maybe I added too much water
Maybe I did not stir it long enough
Or maybe the akara just really wanted to mock me, but I had the last laugh, I ate it all up with bread and cold water.

If you have a good akara recipe please share and I would try it out again, feel free to also share any of your kitchen oops!