What are those things that you cannot stand in a partner, I mean those things that are deal breakers? I talk to people in relationship a lot and one of the questions I ask whenever they are having a problem is, ”were the signs there?” Most times they say ‘Yes’ and sometimes they say,  ‘just very little, i thought it was nothing to worry about’

        There are some things you can accept from a partner that the girl next door would never ever accept,It may not be a big deal to you but it could be a breaking point to another. Can i first of all say that we all have baggage? Yep! even you! However, the beauty of a good relationship is to know your “baggage limit” and follow someone with a baggage you can handle like what are the things you cannot compromise on, from a partner? Could be from their past, their values e.t.c I am big on Integrity, so if I marry someone who doesn’t really give a damn about that, guess what? that could be a major source of conflict between us.  

        When you meet someone you want to get serious with, it is okay to look through their baggage claim and ask yourself, Can i take this? The only problemis that nowadays, we are pressured by society and everyone to not focus on what is important to us when it comes to people’s baggage, instead we are told to manage it, package it, even when it is overweight with excess luggage, we settle for it and hope the baggage would get lighter as we go on and that is a recipe for disaster

        I don’t know if you ever watched the game show called baggage by Jerry springer? Contestants reveal personal (and usually shocking or odd) facts about themselves in hopes of being the least offensive potential date and some of them even though with the worst reveal, still end up with a date.

       Are you running into a relationship with someone who has baggage that is too heavy for you hoping it would get lighter, how much baggage is too much for you, What can’t you stand in a relationship and what can you condone?

Obehi Agbonifo