The Lessons I learnt from my kids moving out from the room can be grouped into two



During the process of getting my kids out of the room, it was hard for them, it was also hard for us as parents, we did not want to see them cry, we did not want to see them hurt, we did not want  to cause them pain . We knew they were going to be safe, we knew they had grown enough to move out and they were well equipped to sleep on their own, they were not going to leave our covering, they were not out of our reach, they were going to be there all the time but they had to fly out of the nest, they had to grow and even though it hurt us to see them hurt, we had to do it for their good,

They must have felt, ‘Oh my God, why are you mean to me, what did I ever do, I want to still be your baby, I want to still lie on your bed and be there’. But we knew better, That is just the way God works with us.’

When God says it is time to move, it is time to jump, it is time to fly,  We go, “but why God, we are comfortable here”, we feel he has neglected us , we think, he has abandoned, we are angry, we are disappointed, we try to remain there, but he says, it doesn’t fit any more, I have a bigger space for you, you can soar. it is painful, but for us to grow we have to move out! We have to trust that, he who began the process, know that the end holds better for you. It might be painful, it may stretch you but in that stretch lies the story to your greatness. God did not leave you,He would never leave you. He is right there with you, but he knows you have to MOVE OUT! It hurts him to see you feel this way but like any father, he has your best interest at heart and want you to see the opportunities in the growth .

Stop throwing a tantrum, Stop trying t blackmail God, IT IS TIME TO MOVE OUT!


Can two walk together except they be in agreement?

How bad do you want it? How bad do you want to succeed? If you read my previous post, you would understand better.

Mr Possible and I both wanted the kids to leave the room, however one of us started and the other did not give it as much time and as time went on, the two of us gave up.

Do you want to be great, do you want to live your life on purpose? Do you want to achieve your dreams, then you have to be sure this is what you want, plan towards it, work on your mind and see no failure in site, then execute it!

The problem is that we all want to be successful, but we are not ready to put in the work, we want the glitz and glamour, but our mind is wrong, we are caged, we think failure from the beginning, we see the end and have no plan on how to get there, there is no structure, trust me I have been there. God wants you to renew your mind, have a structure and execute it!

The process… It would be hard at first, you would not enjoy it, you would feel like you are making no progress.

Draw out a plan, please pray about it because the peace you need has to come from within. so your mind has to be over hauled

Commit to this process, the structure, the plan, the execution plan, if you have to lose sleep, then so be it, if you have to make sacrifices, then do it, just follow it through and be consistent

Get a support system: God is your number one support system, also you can get books, great coaches, I know a few, good mentors etc

The myriad of emotions; There are days when you would feel like going up crying, throwing in the towel, angry deflated but remember you are fully equipped for this, you were not built to break, you would survive this, you have to the best mentor, the creator of all mentors that put this seed, dream and purpose..don’t give up! and in the end you will shout I WON.