It is actually a chore most times to get my kids to eat their meals, they would move around, ask you loads of questions and go “mummy my body is itching me, mummy can I drink water? Mummy my hand hurts…” It is always one excuse or the other. I am literally drained by the time they are done with the meal. This fateful afternoon, they came back from school and when it was time to eat, they started running around even with all my threat,(it is like my threats don’t work again). The next thing I heard was the sound of a glass shattering,”SMASH!” It was our table mat that we had been saving since the nanny broke one some years ago, now my daughter just broke another one. Before I could say a word, she ran towards me and got on her knees apologising profusely, I was in total shock, because I haven’t seen her do that before, immediately  my heart forgave her, I couldn’t even shout as she ran to the other side of the room to punish herself, just when her dad was about to tell her to face the wall, so her dad and I agreed to let her go in splits seconds, We told her not to worry, but she wouldn’t come out from her self induced punishment, I kept telling her, ‘don’t worry’, she went on saying “you are upset with me” I told her it is fine as she was peeping through the corner, saying she isn’t coming  that dad is still upset, after much pleading and almost threatening, she came out to have a meal, still sad about what she had done. Immediately the Holy spirit told  me that this is how we hide when we do wrong, we ask for forgiveness but we don’t accept the forgiveness that God has given. God has forgiven you live in that forgiveness and don’t let the devil capitalise on your guilt. Forgive yourself no matter what you have done, ask from forgiveness from whomever you have hurt and God, but most especially accept the forgive yourself.