Hissing is one of the habits I struggled with and I knew for sure that I did not want  my girls to pick that habit up at all so when they grew up and did it, I always told them it was rude! And they would apologise.

Also I taught them not to throw their shoes when they get home, they had to arrange it by the corner but guess who wasn’t keeping to it?

On Sunday, I needed to make some dishes pretty fast as we were having family over, I just found out by 6am that I did not have rice. Lolll

Immediately after service I went to the supermarket to buy rice, on getting there, it was still locked, then I hissed in frustration. My daughter called me out! ‘Mummy you hissed, that was rude!’ I apologised and mistakenly did it again and she called me out again.

As soon as I got home, I quickly pulled off my shoes and made for the kitchen and before I could, she said ‘mummy arrange your shoes, it is not right to scatter your shoes like that’ I retraced my step guys and arranged my shoes very fast!

Kids learn first by our examples not by our words, we cannot keep telling them something and doing another. They would act what they see, what are we showing them?