IMG_7208 Some months ago we took babyA to church o, we have given her back to God in thanksgiving. It was beautiful and we planned to have a family photoshoot to mark the event, that is how photographer came and everything was going well till babyJ’s inner diva came bursting out, the girl did not take any family picture, just when we have got a perfect pose and we say cheese!,that is when she probably sees a grass that fascinates her and walks away saying colour green, as I speak we don’t have a recent family picture and I watched the photographers go  without getting a family picture but we got others sha. IMG_7172 This baby’s dedication took me back, I remember it was exactly 9 months after wedding we had BabyJ, BabyJ’s dedication was beautiful as the church we attended then, they do something called enforcement, if you are doing dedication,thanksgiving,anything that has to do with your spouse sha, you must appreciate your spouse with either songs or poem. Mrpossible and I always enjoyed those times and would even discuss it when we get home…They would ask you what name you call your spouse, you would hear different names people call their spouses, the one that amazed us was a couple that call themselves chairman and Hibiscus, well after you say the name you call each other, then they would make you say something sweet to your spouse and at the end you kiss. I did not know bobo was looking forward to that time o, it was finally our turn and he kept asking what I would do, I told him i would like to sing but being that I am a shy person(yes I am shy jor), I would just talk, he said singing is fine and when I asked  him what would you do, he said he is not sure, I knew Mrpossible will not sing but I also know that he is not good in writing poems or saying lines, there is one line he uses to start love  message he sends to me, it is the line he used for our interview before our wedding, he used that line in the proposal and that line is the golden line so I was wondering what would happen. The next morning, I woke up and saw somebody by my side thinking hard and writing, I asked him to show me, he refused, that is how we went to church I practiced for a song(yes my brothers and sisters, I sing o) but when it got to our turn, I said instead of fooling myself, I will just talk, as I was talking, the pastor said” ha! you sound like you can sing, so sing for your husband and that is how i let my inner Celine Dion out with ‘Because you love me’, inshort as the choir backed me up, I almost turned  choir mistress shwu, after that there were plenty aww, ooh and ahh’s, IMG_3991 then by the time they asked Mrpossible what he had to say, he just went “Pastor if you don’t mind, I have something written here for my baby(smarty things)”, The pastor was like ‘of course!’ and that is how my baby read me a love letter in front of alot of people,family and friends, I was shocked at the lines and even the regular golden line was not there. I was weak. As he finished, you need to hear the clap, people were hugging us, my mother in-law and her brother even kissed us, people that did not know us were congratulating us not for baby J o, For what we share and an elderly lady came towards us and said “what you guys have is very beautiful, don’t ever let it go” then she prayed for us, it was surreal and amazing, after that the church handed all dedicating parents an envelope, i thought it was just forms to fill till i got home and discovered it was twenty thousand Naira(20,000) I was shocked, haha, so free twenty thousand jus like that, all i haff to do is born? IMG_7169 One thing was sure when we went for LadyA’s dedication , we both said we missed our former church, ha! you guys think is for the 20k, lolll, we just missed our opportunity to have so much fun, but i was just curious to know if Inspiration would hit him again just like it did that time. IMG_4296 Below is what the writeup he shared says,
Babe, Life with you has been adventurous and lots of fun. God must have loved me specially to have blessed me with a loving and beautiful girl like you.You’ve made my life complete and given my soul a lift. No-one, Indeed noone can deeply understand,unconditionally support and lovingly care for me as much as you do. For this and much more that can’t be expressed in words, I am eternally grateful and love you from the depth of my heart, forever my love, my life…(the last thing got lost in the water) maybe ‘my all’
  I kept it that I was going to laminate it and frame it o because e nor easy to hear love lines from MrPossible without that his golden line,then it landed in my trouser and the trouser was was a sad one but I picked it up, dried it and would still do what I have to,so when my kids start loving, I would show them an example of what true love really feels like and most especially they need to know dad and mum was a rolling stone.hehehe.