A nine-year-old girl who was allegedly kidnapped and held captive for seven months has been rescued from deep in the Amazon rainforest. The child, from Catalonia, Spain, went missing last August after her parents allowed their 35-year-old Bolivian neighbour, Grover Morales, to take her on holiday.

Police were alerted when the pair could not be contacted several days after they had been expected to land in Bolivia.

They were found in terrain in Bolivia’s Cochabamba region, which is barely reachable by car.
Morales, who lived in the house next to the girl’s parents in Hospitalet de Llobregat, is now facing charges of human trafficking and sexual abuse, according to The Local.
Following his arrest, he claimed the nine-year-old’s parents had granted him permission to marry her because he was a Muslim convert.
According to the International Business Times, he told local media: ‘I had her parents’ trust. Her mother told me if you have intentions to marry my daughter you will be welcome and I will allow you to do so.

‘So I filled the required paperwork, went with them to sign a power of attorney, and I was given the authorisation to take her. ‘I haven’t stolen, killed, or kidnapped anyone.’

The unnamed girl is due to undergo medical and psychological tests, before being flown back to Spain, where she will be reunited with her parents.
A judge is expected to release further information in coming days.

This is why some parents don’t allow kids go on holiday with anyone.

Source: daily mail