I was so bored at home with the regular food and decided to try something new, I use to eat jacket potato in school then and loved it so decided to do it this time for hubby and I…I formed this fish recipe and it was sooooo tasty

A healthy irish potato
Chooped red pepper
Chopped fish fillet
chooped green pepper
chopped yellow pepper
vegetable oil or olive
chopped walnut and hazelnut( I love nuts, you can use grunt, almonds or no nut at all)
butter or cheese( you use this to grease inside the hot potato just out of the oven and watch it melt in…yum!)

Get your potato thoroughly washed(because you will be eating everything) and grease with a little groundnut oil and salt, pierce the potato wit a sharp knife all around so it wont burst in the Oven
Get your nuts chopped, It gives the food a crunchy taste
I added half tomatoes but sccoped out the juice before chopping so it will not become stewy
Put the groundnut oil on fire, then heat for a bit and add your chopped fish fillet dont allow it fry for too long
Add the onion and the other things chopped including the nuts and wait for that aroma….hmmmmm amazing!
Spice to taste
Add the sweet corn last
Keep checking that potato by piercing through carefully, once you can get through easily then its fine to come out
When it is out cut it at the middle and stuff your fish filling.

potato washed and kept in the oven
fish fillet
chopped fish fillet

chopped hazelnut and walnut
Everything chopped

fried spiced chopped fish
Fish filling fried and ready

potato straight from the oven

opened potato stuffed with fish filling
happy customer
Guess who enjoyed this meal???

I hope you will enjoy it too, feel free to send in your recipes…Thanks