My help is Indian and she loves my food and how I cook, just that most times she cannot stand my pepper…loll ( naija things). One day she said, “Madam, let me show you how I cook my fried rice, it is different from yours and I was like very well, since I have been learning some indian delicacy from her and I love them. I did not want to go get new stuff from the market so I made do. Ingredient
  •  Basmati Rice, I used brown rice
  • Eggs
  • Bell pepper/Tatashe( red, yellow,green and orange) to make the rice colourful but I used just red
  • Onions
  • Spring onion
  • Ghee or Vegetable oil- This is like groundnut oil but has an amazing aroma, It is what the omanis use in their food, If you perceive it when you are frying, you will definitely salivate.
  • Pepper: We had to add fresh pepper because I cannot stand food without pepper…lol
  • Soy sauce
  • Fish or chicken, normally the chicken would cook inside the rice,so soft chicken is advisable but I used fish.
  • Carrot
  • Maggi( one cube,optional)
  • Salt( very small)
  • Procedure
IMG_3395 IMG_3398    
  • Chop your spring onion, just the green part, your cabbage, onion, pepper
  • Fry your eggs, scrambled style
  • Soak your basmati rice with warm water for about twenty minutes before cooking, it taste better and cooks itfaster
  • Place the pot on fire add your ghee or groundnut oil, add onion, cabbage and every other chopped stuff, let it fry for a bit then add your soy sauce and allow to simmer
  • Put in your rice and stir
  • Add your eggs last,stir and leave to cook for sometime
  • If rice is not cooked well then add very little water
FOOD IS READY!!!! IMG_3410   It was yummy, crunchy and nice but if you do not want the crunchy feel then leave the vegetables to cook longer, I loved the crunch!