A letter I wrote to Mr Possible when he travelled. it was like three months into  having a second kid at the time, the change was huge for me, I sincerely needed a break but how was that going to happen? I had to still be a wife and a mother to both girl. Then he needed  to travel for two days… it was like a vacation for me! . Have you ever felt this way? Read letter below to understand better.

Hey baby,

I would like to make a confession, the day you stepped out on your trip to Abuja a lot happened as soon as you left the door, first of all I realized I would be free for the next few days, I had to catch up on all my shows that you don’t get, from devious maid to big bang theory, I won’t need to think of your meal,I would take care of just two babies and not even bother to take care of myself.

I spread my legs so wide on our bed that was meant for both of us but now carries four people, it has been a while I spread those legs as there is always someone on the way that I have to think of, I know you may think “oh this girl did not even miss me” to that i say “did you spread on your bed at night? did you sleep long enough without any leg kicking your face to wake you up before you were ready to, did you lie in late instead of jumping up in the morning to beat the traffic?” Did you feel a sense of freedom while hanging out with you friends and could you dash anywhere without first using half an hour to carry the car seat, stroller and everything a child would need, If you did, then we both felt same way, your even better….In the end, I thoroughly missed you but I was not lonely.