That is how I made Akara  in Oman in a bid to be a virtuous woman, if you miss that post click here, infact, it turned out to be a disaster.

Recently, I have been feeling guilty that I have not done variety in a while based on the present condition(winks), so to treat my man, I planned doing moin- moin, just in the process of doing that, a tiny little Akara thought crept into my mind and instead of binding it, I quickly brushed up my Akara skills online and tried it.

I used my small mortar to mix it for a while, found out that acts as a form of yeast/ raising agent, added sliced onion (cut in bits and pepper and blended onions), I started 5am as I must make that “perfect wife mark” ( who sent me?) and give Mrpossible Akara this morning before he goes to work which was for 5:30I also read that the Akara is supposed to float up when you drop it into the oil which should already be heated up but not bleached hot so the Akara would cook properly. I also found out that I should not add salt or maggi till when I am ready to fry, I followed every detail I saw on Nigerianrecipe website like it was a manual that could break or make me,  as I put in the first trial of the blended beans, after a short time, Akara started floating up, hahaha! I was so excited that I started singing GodWin, thanks to Korede Bello that has got that song stuck in my head, I dropped the second one, this time more confident as I could almost relate with the confidence of the akara lady I grew up buying Akara from, it felt like we were colleagues of some sort and before I knew it, my akara balls were coming to life, floating up and looked tempting, If not that it was in hot oil, the excitement would have made me grab it from the boiling vegetable oil and take a crunchy bite but of course I know better…loll

After I scooped the first set, Mrpossible came into the kitchen and after singing and dancing for him , I gave him a bite, he became a believer, joined in the song and danced,as he has been craving Akara for a long time…

So brothers and sisters, this is my testimony oh, join me sing with brother Korede Bello, I don make akara…GodWiN