During the week, I had a conversation with a friend on relationship and then she asked me the million dollar question, “Obehi, how do you know you are in love and this could be the right person?”
When you are in love, there is this joy, you cannot express, when you think of the person you smile, you may even laugh when walking on your own because of thoughts of something the person said and you try to control yourself before people think you are running mad, you may be in a crowd and all of a sudden you are not there, you are in a transit and they may even have to call you back to real life, you are comfortable with the person and do not need to act in front of them, when anything happens(fun or sad) even just random , the first person , you want to talk to, is them, It may be like this for some people but not so dramatic for some….I told my friend all this and even more I guess but she said, she has felt this way for different people she dated but they were not ‘THE ONE’.. Then I thought about it and realised there was something I missed out and that is the peace you feel when you are with THE ONE, it is a peace you have not felt with any other person and you know also that even when you try to convince yourself that you are peaceful during those previous relationships, something just keeps calling out to you, that bothers you, that you try to shorn and may even blame it on the devil. Another thing I know that is so true is this, if you are with the right person, you do not struggle unnecessarily, things fall in place especially when God is involved.
As I have said earlier, I don’t have all the answers so I leave this to you guys to tell us, how did you know he or she was the right person and how you felt when you were in love?