It’s a lot of work when you have a child that doesn’t eat, not only is it physically stressful, it is also emotionally draining. I can remember my baby did not like food for sometime but she has started coming around. Due to the question raised by one of our readers, I felt I had to write on this topic based on personal knowledge and research and hope it helps more mothers than one.


Irish potato and sweet potato porridge with veggies blended in a blender or food processor would turn out to be like puree and with every spoon you will know your child is taking a balanced diet..Warning! they may not like it the first day but be persistent not forceful

Rice: My friend taught me to cook rice with meat stock…it is soft and tasty for a child, cook with beef, fish or any other thing also you can add beans to it once the child is one year plus.

Soup: A soup that ‘draws’ or slimy is always the best for a child because before they can complain , it is down their throat, I would advice blended okra soup, Ewedu, if you are not in Nigeria, it is called Molokhia, sold in sachet in supermarkets. This way your child would be getting vegetables in their system and its benefits

Fruit juice: If you have a juicer, this would help you, instead of those flavoured drinks all the time, you can juice carrot, grapes, watermelon and apple together, it is really nice…not every day though.

Yoghurts: If you see kids yoghurt buy it too for your kids or you can make one but thats a lot of mum made for us growing up.

Salmon: This fish is pretty pricey but it has good healthy benefits but there is this other smooth skin fish that gives same benefits.

Guacamole: This is the healthiest bread spread I found out and it could be a dip too for chips…healthy for you and your kids…it is made from avocado, coriander, lemon, tomatoes, pepper, salt…it should be chopped in bits if not your kids will be scared to eat it.

Make food fun

Make moi-moi and you can act like it is a cake, can even go further by putting a birthday candle on it.

Eat with them…Well I am not sure you can do that with all their food.

Make sounds while eating or acting to eat their food…hubby use to act like he will eat my daughter’s food and that helped a great deal.

Most times when you put them on their high chair in front of the television while eating they might get so distracted and just keep opening their mouths… I know most people may say, it is wrong to feed them while watching television but it worked for me.

According to the doctors on this is the way to relate with picky eaters


  • Beg
  • Bribe
  • Fill up on fluids


  • Dip it! Peanut butter, hummus, guacamole and yogurt are great dips.
  • Make it fun! Cut food into fun shapes and be creative in presentation.
  • Relax

Also on the we are advised that, to get them eating healthy snacks don’t forget the ABC

A= Ask. Ask kids what they like – get them involved.

B= Balance. Make sure to include whole grains, fruits and

C= Creativity. Have fun with food. Kids love colors and crunch. Use your imagination to make snacks such as
banana logs, veggie kabobs, fruit pizza and turkey pinwheels.

I hope this helps and please if you have suggestions, recipes feel free to share…Thanks