This is the finale of our Hot or HotMess Series and I hope you enjoyed  every episode, which was your favourite? This series was inspired when I heard people talk badly about a new mum. If you missed it all, check it out herehere and here. Enjoy!

I am not the weight I use to be, though I am trying to get there and with the scale giving positive and negative news all the time, it’s no fun but I know I am on the right path,and  will definitely get there,SOMEDAY!(What is the rush?Take your time).The crazy thing about this weight gain is, there are a lot of new mums going through the changes and don’t get it twisted, the struggle is real! so be careful what you say, It might be our weight or our dress sense, that doesn’t give you the right to judge us, make derogatory statements or overall just talk anyhow. There is something you must know, every new mum knows they look different from before, they had a baby/life in them for the last nine month, please focus on  the miracle of that and let their weight or dress sense not be your focus.

The average new mum is hyper sensitive and may not be able to handle what you say to them, hence you  words just might push them toward depression, trust me I am not joking, after I added weight with babyJ I was hyper sensitive but with LadyA, mehn! I don’t even care what anyone has to say… Recently I heard people talk about a new mum in a very insensitive way and just so you know, that is wrong on so many levels. If you come from a place of love we know but when you are just being insensitive, we also know. I am not saying you shouldn’t say the truth but you have got to be close to say such truth,not just because you know the person, then you just blurt it out in an insensitive way, I remember someone told me, “I never thought you would get this big”  it is rude and unacceptable! If you must criticize, let it be constructive!  After-all if I look like a hot-mess to you,it is my hot-mess or Is it your hot-mess?

Have you ever met anyone that  is not close but took your HotMess situation personal and made a big deal of it?

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